The MDRFM-100 is suitable for a variety of applications, including radar production testing, radar performance verification, ECM vulnerability assessment, and ECCM/tactics development and training.


The MDRFM-100 (X/C) is a fully integrated active radar and E.W simulator system based on DRFM technology. This field-deployable system is miniaturized to fit into small electronic systems that require high accuracy, small size, and low power consumption. With up to 2 GHz total RF bandwidth coverage in C or X bands and an instantaneous RF bandwidth of 250 MHz, the MDRFM-100 is fully programmable and controlled using LAN commands that provide the MDRFM memory functions and the LO tuning, and comes with control software as a standard feature. The compact unit measures 15 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 2.5 (cm), making it easy to integrate into existing systems. Additionally, solutions for other bands of interest can be provided per customer requirements.


The MDRFM-100 offers a range of features to meet specific customer requirements, including:

  • 2 GHz total frequency coverage
  • 250 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Multi-bit DRFM
  • Doppler, pulse, and amplitude modulation
  • Less than 1 Hz Doppler resolution
  • 3 nsec range resolution
  • Standard interface controls
  • User-programmable signal synthesis
  • 50 nsec PW to CW
  • Control software supplied
  • 12V DC operation

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