•  Radar production testing
  •  Radar performance verification
  •  ECM vulnerability assessment
  •  ECCM/tactics development and training
MDRFM 100 (X/C) is a fully integrated field deploy-able active Radar & E.W Simulator
(DRFM based) system. 
This system is miniaturized to fit into small electronic systems where accuracy, size & low power consumption elements are required.
The system provides an up to 2 GHz total RF bandwidth coverage in C or X bands
with an instantaneous RF bandwidth of 250 MHz. It is fully programmable and controlled
using LAN commands that provide the MDRFM memory functions and the LO tuning
respectively. Control software is provided as a standard feature of the equipment.
The units are packaged in a 15 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 2.5 (cm) module.
Solutions for other bands of interest can be provided per customer requirements.
• 2 GHz Total Frequency Coverage
• 250 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth
• Multi-Bit DRFM
• Doppler, Pulse & Amplitude Modulation
• Less than 1 Hz Doppler Resolution
• 3 nsec Range Resolution
• Standard interface controls
• User Programmable Signal Synthesis
• 50 nsec PW to CW
• Control Software supplied
• 12V DC Operation

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